Alien She publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art and review. We are looking for work that doesn’t fit neatly into the above categories. We are excited by the diverse, original, subversive, pioneering, political, open-minded, sexual, intellectual, confronting, perverse, heartfelt and hateful.

Alien She Zine only considers previously unpublished work (this includes personal websites and blogs). We don’t accept anything racist, transphobic, homophobic or ableist.

Send one piece, at no more than 1000 words. We love anything micro, cross-genre, experimental. Say it in fewer words if you can.

Send 1 – 3 pieces, no more than 100 lines in total.

Send one piece, at no more than 1000 words.

We accept comics, illustrations, collages, photos, and experimental works. We accept photoessays and small art series. Please supply your images at a minimum 1280 pixels in height or width. Please name your image files.

We are open for reviews of any kind, e.g. published or unpublished poetry collections; private views or performance art. More importantly, we seek social commentary on what’s interesting, political, important, and undocumented.

Submissions are currently closed. 

Send all submissions to with the subject line:
‘[Genre] Submission_[First and last names]”
Files should be titled ‘[Title of work]_[First and last names]’

Please include your name, the name/s of your piece/s, and a brief bio of no more than 50 words.

Artists’ Rights

The right to the Work remains with the Artist. The Artist gives Alien She Zine permission to publish Work online (worldwide). If intending to publish Work in print, Alien She will seek approval from the Artist. If the Artist seeks to re-publish Work elsewhere, please reference Alien She as original publisher and inform them of this occurrence.

Alien She Zine reserves the right to make minor changes to Work prior to publication. Alien She will seek approval from Artist if changes are pertinent to the substance of the work. Alien She will arrange Works to align with the design of the site, and art and writing Works may be associated. The name of the Artist may be used to promote Alien She Zine.

Plagiarism is not accepted by Alien She Zine and the publisher takes no responsibility for any breaches of copyright that the Artist performs. The Artist is responsible for presenting work that they are the sole creator of.

Alien She relies on the goodwill of artists in order to celebrate their works. All contributors have given their consent for their work to be featured. Copyright remains with them; please seek permission in order to redistribute.


Please contact with any queries.