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Jessie Perrin / Loni Jeffs

Swallowing by Jessie Perrin with artwork by Loni Jeffs I had told him before that I did not like chicken soup but he made it anyway. ‘Chicken soup for dinner! Makes you feel better!’ I want to give him a look. I thought about the […]

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Rose Barnsley / Manou Staedel-Arnould

American Dream by Rose Barnsley with artwork by Manou Staedel-Arnould    I met the American Dream when I was in Bali. It was on a field waist deep in very fast children. The children were playing soccer.    It seemed dazzled by their speed. It kept making […]

Hollen V

Podes By Hollen V We talk for a long time about platypi – platypodes is more correct, platypi is a bastard of Latin, legitimised by commonality – before my courage screws to the screwing place. In conclusion,    So far it’s Schrodinger’s foetus.  Left unchecked, it […]

Dylan Murphy / Loni Jeffs

Alnilam and the Multiverse Theory  By Dylan Murphy  With artwork by Loni Jeffs It’s a quarter to three in the morning and my flatmate and I are at our front door because I’m trying to unlock it. The task is taking longer than usual in […]

Josefina Huq / Claire Wildish

La Piscina  By Josefina Huq With artwork by Claire Wildish By three o’clock we would be in the pool. Partially clothed, sometimes completely naked. All of us small and brown and getting darker under the sun piercing through the palm trees that surround. The boys […]

Fawn Parker / Loni Jeffs

Plasty By Fawn Parker With artwork by Loni Jeffs It had all been arranged. Six months in the making, give or take. But see then once we met I just didn’t know what to do. It was a real big fork in the aesthetic road, […]

Eli Jack Lynch

Palentine’s Day By Eli Jack Lynch It’s minus forty in Montreal so we all sit (minus you) around the cat pee smelling faded yellow couch in my bedroom and Avi asks the room how do you know when you have a crush and Nour and […]

Lech Blaine / Yasmin Keany

Bloom By Lech Blaine With artwork by Yasmin Keany Elijah was staying at a halfway house beside the racecourse. It was arranged by a charity called Changing Lanes. You fill out an A4 sheet with hobbies and rental history and recent mental illnesses. A few […]

Caitlin McGregor / Carabella Sands

Stigmata By Caitlin McGregor With artwork by Carabella Sands Church pews soak up sweat. I don’t know of any other wood that soaks up sweat, not the way church pew wood does. When you kneel down on the kneeler, and grip the back of the […]

Romy Durrant / Penny Goring

A Short Story Written When 13 Years Old By Romy Durrant With artwork by Penny Goring I found this story – if you can call it one – on an old hard drive of mine last year. It was written in 2007; the year I […]

Tahlia Chloe / Alan Weedon

An Effigy By Tahlia Chloe With artwork by Alan Weedon Beyond the window the land rolls into itself. I watch Peter survey the fields. The horses are in the paddock and the sun has nestled into the sky. Peter won’t be back until eight, so […]

Yuki Iwama / Romy Durrant TW

The following piece has trigger warnings for sexual abuse, incest, pedophilia and violence. sun spit tastes like… By Yuki Iwama With artwork by Romy Durrant 1 she doesn’t have a face, so she sits in the room with a sheet over her head. Daddy’s built […]

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Manisha Anjali / Aaron Billings

Hair, Lion & Mountain By Manisha Anjali With artwork by Aaron Billings PART 1: HAIR At first the flowers start to move. And the Golliwogs they sway from side to side. The stripes on their pants, they zigzag, and their feet, they tap tap. And her […]

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