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Kristin Chang

Yilan By Kristin Chang This river has a bad habit of clearing itself like a throat. The waves like coughs, slight foam haloing our ankles. It’s summer and māma’s listening to the radio outside, far from the bank because she doesn’t like wet things. Legend […]

Fanny Mac

Sealegs  By Fanny Mac With artwork by Fanny Mac he doesn’t say much, and his general demeanour is that he is disinterested. but one thing’s for sure. our skipper, Andreas has the most beautiful sealegs that I’ve ever seen. from the knee down, a sculpture […]

Yoshi / Fanny Mac

Somersault By Yoshi Roy With artwork by Fanny Mac chapter 1 the hole: inside of a dead bird’s mouth becomes home to next winter’s sarcasm i stayed behind my mother’s back a long time because i am afraid to suffer i am afraid of colors […]

Gianina Carter / Emma Jensen

Do We Talk? By Gianina Carter With artwork by Emma Jensen Once my father said to me over the phone, ‘You’re fine,’ more than once, a lot of times. Next to me at our dining table as clouds leak in past the cubed window. ‘As […]

Hollen V

Podes By Hollen V We talk for a long time about platypi – platypodes is more correct, platypi is a bastard of Latin, legitimised by commonality – before my courage screws to the screwing place. In conclusion,    So far it’s Schrodinger’s foetus.  Left unchecked, it […]

Jessie Berry-Porter / G. E. Young

etiology of the imperfect patient and/or the last time i saw dr. theodorus By Jessie Berry-Porter With artwork by G.E. Young [Prelude: From age sixteen through to twenty-one I spent the majority of my time inside a private psychiatric facility alternating between inpatient and outpatient […]

Dylan Murphy / Loni Jeffs

Alnilam and the Multiverse Theory  By Dylan Murphy  With artwork by Loni Jeffs It’s a quarter to three in the morning and my flatmate and I are at our front door because I’m trying to unlock it. The task is taking longer than usual in […]

Josefina Huq / Claire Wildish

La Piscina  By Josefina Huq With artwork by Claire Wildish By three o’clock we would be in the pool. Partially clothed, sometimes completely naked. All of us small and brown and getting darker under the sun piercing through the palm trees that surround. The boys […]

Francesca Kritikos

2 Peoms By Francesca Kritikos Lana Turner i want to dye my hair like hers check her horoscope on the radio every morning leave gifts at the altar of her bed isn’t it womanly to beg? i always dream of fresh oysters just out of […]

Calypso Spendlove

the sacrificial leaves of the mangrove tree By Calypso Spendlove   yellowing whispers curt quiet enough for me to hear the rending of you and I patience is the key to wounded pride and the expanded space between your heart and mine. you made me […]

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Saaro Umar

Wake By Saaro Umar silversun pickups are so transcendent. they like the soundtrack to a romantic comedy right when the girl starts running real fast, the trees start blurring. she think she escaping this bad lover when really she running to remember athletics as a […]

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