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Emily Carney / Marla Celeste

3 Poems By Emily Carney With artwork by Marla Celeste box of ‘really good’ tampons weathering a storm imagined myself walking through forever 21 in metal overalls and felt pain I am within touching distance of ‘complete and devastating abandonment’ remember last fall, when we […]

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Lora Li / Yasmin Keany

  3 Poems By Lora Li With artwork by Yasmin Keany Our shadow I’m aware of my shadows they’re my home from which i step into the light Homage to Su You are beautiful You are secretive You are gone Quarantine the cat, small expensive […]

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Mia-Francesca McAuslan / Loni Jeffs

Ghost Moose By Mia-Francesca McAuslan With artwork by Loni Jeffs i. Ghost moose are the only white-coated moose. They are covered in parasites. The ticks take so much blood that the creature’s starving body raids its bone marrow, muscles and heart for protein. They get […]

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Yuki Iwama / Romy Durrant TW

The following piece has trigger warnings for sexual abuse, incest, pedophilia and violence. sun spit tastes like… By Yuki Iwama With artwork by Romy Durrant 1 she doesn’t have a face, so she sits in the room with a sheet over her head. Daddy’s built […]

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Zoe Dzunko / Loni Jeffs

from Fake Flowers Last Forever By Zoe Dzunko With artwork by Loni Jeffs I overhear you slamming the front door this place is killing me! Drop your bags down and a cold can buzzes open. I understand our days are numbered by parking meters I […]

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Manisha Anjali / Aaron Billings

Hair, Lion & Mountain By Manisha Anjali With artwork by Aaron Billings PART 1: HAIR At first the flowers start to move. And the Golliwogs they sway from side to side. The stripes on their pants, they zigzag, and their feet, they tap tap. And her […]

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Katherine Botten

Untitled By Katherine Botten Extreme self expression Medical certificates walking along a cliff-side road in LA, the sun is shining it is warm and everything is orange. im eating a Chicken wrap with Lebanese pickles bingeing is Pure business first comment Only Anarchists Are Pretty […]

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Romy Durrant / Marla Celeste

By Romy Durrant With artwork by Marla Celeste 1 eyelids buzz orange through green Resting I am a dog and something extraordinary dreaming of police and doors revolving towards a polite exit from living Is this my 1000-yard stare Pith or scabbing knee whose pus […]

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Mike Day / Launa Winship

Tears for Fears of the Dark By Mike Day With artwork by Launa Winship When I am really anxious I become afraid of the dark again. Usually I am nocturnal, like an owl, or a bat, or an aardvark. I get to sleep around 4 […]

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Olivia Maria Hărşan

Exorcising an Identity By Olivia Maria Hărşan Fragments of innocence Memories of my grandfather’s farm: Ajax the Great Dane weaving through the sheep. My pets are two ducklings. They follow me everywhere until one day they disappear. I feel betrayed: No one or thing wants to […]

Intimacy and Other Bruises

Intimacy & Other Bruises By Molly Lukin Reviewed by Mia-Francesca McAuslan ‘I don’t have a type but I will admit a few exes wanted to be Leo in Titanic back when their young mothers thought they were girls.’ There is a particular place Molly Lukin’s ‘Intimacy […]

Micheal Elijah

    Micheal Elijah believes that all the subversive ideas in art lurk in comics, because they’re still disregarded as pulpy trash gutter-art for kids that nobody takes seriously, and that you can say a whole lot more when nobody powerful cares what you’re saying. […]

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Agatha Moar / Loni Jeffs

The Guest By Agatha Moar With artwork by Loni Jeffs There is a particular kind of self-loathing that accompanies a guest’s configuration of fleeting feelings. Inhabiting the home of someone else’s making; the bathroom basin screeches, turning on the light is with the snap of […]