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Eileen Myles: In Texas

What Would Heal My Weird Heart? Words with Eileen Myles in New York and Texas We are driving across America in a white van named Gracie 2. Twice we see Eileen Myles speaking: once in New York – the city that harboured her years as […]

Samantha Abdy / Loni Jeffs

Hysterical Orgasms and All The Violence: On Mystic Women in the Medieval Period By Samantha Abdy With artwork by Loni Jeffs   The creature glided across the ceiling, feral and sweet – a baby; his face of unparalleled beauty. Sweat gleaning over his small features. In […]

Ashley Opheim / Corrie Wilson

Labia By Ashley Opheim With artwork by Corrie Wilson With a tiny turquoise stone tucked in my bra, I am vibrating at the frequency of ice. She wears a slouchy ‘grunge revival’ sweater. One of her black leggings is tucked into her combat boots. The […]

Darcey Steinke: In New York

An Interview With Novelist Darcey Steinke in Brooklyn, NYC Words by Mia-Francesca McAuslan Images by Loni Jeffs The inside of Darcey Steinke’s old Victorian house in Brooklyn, New York City, looks a little like how I imagine the inside of her mind might look: – […]

Daphné B / Marie-Audrey Jacques

One Poem By Daphné B. With artwork by Audrey-Marie Jacques there’s a poem in the women’s bathroom ‘my love i will never heal if you keep fucking my wound’ this is how a woman feels a million times the same choreography it’s sunday night violin […]

Fawn Parker / Loni Jeffs

Plasty By Fawn Parker With artwork by Loni Jeffs It had all been arranged. Six months in the making, give or take. But see then once we met I just didn’t know what to do. It was a real big fork in the aesthetic road, […]

A Series of Un/Natural/Disasters

Admist Otherwise Most Cruel Animals: A Review of Cheena Marie Lo’s ‘A Series of Un/Natural/Disasters’ (Commune Editions, 2016) By Cason Sharpe  George Bush doesn’t care about Black people. I remember watching Kanye’s iconic off-script statement during NBC’s 2005 live benefit concert for victims of Hurricane […]

Sarah Jean Alexander / Loni Jeffs

It’s yours so of course it is beautiful By Sarah Jean Alexander With artwork by Loni Jeffs   I’ve walked in circles before you know it’s hard to stop once you’ve reached the perfect ratio tight and bulbous and fast and absolute and it’s in […]

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Vivienne Cutbush

Vivienne Cutbush is a Sydney-based writer, artist, list-maker and coffee-drinker. Her work blurs the line between writing and art. You can see her visual inventory at @antwerpenblog or read her words on Antwerpen.

Eli Jack Lynch

Palentine’s Day By Eli Jack Lynch It’s minus forty in Montreal so we all sit (minus you) around the cat pee smelling faded yellow couch in my bedroom and Avi asks the room how do you know when you have a crush and Nour and […]

Caroline Rayner / Carabella Sands

party heart By Caroline Rayner With artwork by Carabella Sands  text from my friend- birth control makes her want to die & i measure my thigh gap– five almonds in a shot glass– at the art lecture we both bleed & can’t skip school but […]

Tara McGowan-Ross / Leo Miskin

Water in Arabic By Tara McGowan-Ross With artwork by Leo Miskin you are still too young to know why I sometimes pluck you from the floor just to hold you (just to feel your weight on me) one day you will be old enough to […]

Sarah Goldfarb

Inertia By Sarah Goldfarb    I found myself in los angeles for halloween a girl-ghost twisting in the shade of palms in the afternoon don’t tell me I didn’t look holy that day: arms straight above my head and consumption in my eyes I don’t […]

Lech Blaine / Yasmin Keany

Bloom By Lech Blaine With artwork by Yasmin Keany Elijah was staying at a halfway house beside the racecourse. It was arranged by a charity called Changing Lanes. You fill out an A4 sheet with hobbies and rental history and recent mental illnesses. A few […]

Vince Ruston / Corrie Wilson

  Unadulterated – A Cento By Vince Ruston With artwork by Corrie Wilson   In this casual intimacy We take up so much more space than we used to Beyond      “existing”: no longer any desire or need to connect. it is invisible: this casual […]

Erin Taylor / Tommy Camerno

  it is march now By Erin Taylor With artwork by Tommy Camerno   we are making love in technicolour on a tiny screen in a tiny roof & everyone is peeping tom from the building across the crowded peopled street we are on display […]