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Mia-Francesca McAuslan / Stella Clough

Savasana By Mia-Francesca McAuslan With artwork by Stella Clough (Corpse Pose) He sent a picture of his wrist, freshly tattooed with the Sigil of Lilith: Adam’s wife made of clay. Briefly, I allowed myself to pine for the bird-claw hands that once wrapped around mine […]

Emma Marie Jones / Loni Jeffs

libra odd spots™ By Emma Marie Jones With artwork by Loni Jeffs i read on a sanitary pad once that humans, kilo for kilo, produce more heat than the sun. maybe we (perhaps without realising it) orbit each other thru the house, laying our bodies […]

Rachelle Toarmino / Claudia de Salvo

leaving in five By Rachelle Toarmino With artwork by Claudia de Salvo how you sound when you’re listing the reasons for breaking up with me is like you’re telling me about the specials at the restaurant and I start dreaming in the middle of each […]

Vincent Silk / Alan Weedon

watering the plants By Vincent Silk With Artwork by Alan Weedon after all these years      i’m still ravenous for it and i would rip it out of your hands    if i saw you with it my elbow slipped off the table and i spilled coffee […]

Caitlin McGregor / Carabella Sands

Stigmata By Caitlin McGregor With artwork by Carabella Sands Church pews soak up sweat. I don’t know of any other wood that soaks up sweat, not the way church pew wood does. When you kneel down on the kneeler, and grip the back of the […]

Romy Durrant / Penny Goring

A Short Story Written When 13 Years Old By Romy Durrant With artwork by Penny Goring I found this story – if you can call it one – on an old hard drive of mine last year. It was written in 2007; the year I […]

Susie Anderson / Frances Cannon

2 Poems By Susie Anderson With artwork by Frances Cannon   dorito bed isn’t it romantic how “this is all there is” you know how temporality can either motivate or freeze you i’m feeling kinda sexy and impermanent romantic aggression is amongst my regular behavioural […]

Jini Maxwell / Loni Jeffs

The Lines That Planes Leave in the Sky By Jini Maxwell With artwork by Loni Jeffs I can imagine it, you know: me in my straw hat and sunburn and you picking a tomato and throwing it into the dirt, a plump home for larvae— […]

Tahlia Chloe / Alan Weedon

An Effigy By Tahlia Chloe With artwork by Alan Weedon Beyond the window the land rolls into itself. I watch Peter survey the fields. The horses are in the paddock and the sun has nestled into the sky. Peter won’t be back until eight, so […]

Agatha Moar

Impressions of the United States (San Francisco and Monterey Bay) By Agatha Moar   Images of this country have made their way, mainly through film, into Australian hearts and minds. I expected to combust stereotypes. I saw Eighties style cop cars, happy clapper churches and […]

Angel Doberman / Rahel Tierbach

Everything I Have Ever Downloaded I Have Used Once By Angel Doberman With artwork by Rahel Tierbach yes I’m on the brink of bankruptcy, But i’m not indolent, I’m just wholeheartedly reticent follow me, it’s a bit of a walk, Like Aesthetically. it’s not even […]

Jeremy Mair / Sophie McPike

Two Poems By Jeremy Mair With artwork by Sophie McPike Symmetry/Cemetry so, we are                        riding the number one tram                        up Lygon street together because it’s warm in here half my mind turns to you                        enjoys the way you appear to perceive warmth                        like I do […]