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Kristin Chang

Yilan By Kristin Chang This river has a bad habit of clearing itself like a throat. The waves like coughs, slight foam haloing our ankles. It’s summer and māma’s listening to the radio outside, far from the bank because she doesn’t like wet things. Legend […]

Jessie Berry-Porter / G. E. Young

etiology of the imperfect patient and/or the last time i saw dr. theodorus By Jessie Berry-Porter With artwork by G.E. Young [Prelude: From age sixteen through to twenty-one I spent the majority of my time inside a private psychiatric facility alternating between inpatient and outpatient […]

Eileen Myles: In Texas

What Would Heal My Weird Heart? Words with Eileen Myles in New York and Texas We are driving across America in a white van named Gracie 2. Twice we see Eileen Myles speaking: once in New York – the city that harboured her years as […]

Samantha Abdy / Loni Jeffs

Hysterical Orgasms and All The Violence: On Mystic Women in the Medieval Period By Samantha Abdy With artwork by Loni Jeffs   The creature glided across the ceiling, feral and sweet – a baby; his face of unparalleled beauty. Sweat gleaning over his small features. In […]

Mia-Francesca McAuslan / Stella Clough

Savasana By Mia-Francesca McAuslan With artwork by Stella Clough (Corpse Pose) He sent a picture of his wrist, freshly tattooed with the Sigil of Lilith: Adam’s wife made of clay. Briefly, I allowed myself to pine for the bird-claw hands that once wrapped around mine […]

Agatha Moar

Impressions of the United States (San Francisco and Monterey Bay) By Agatha Moar   Images of this country have made their way, mainly through film, into Australian hearts and minds. I expected to combust stereotypes. I saw Eighties style cop cars, happy clapper churches and […]

Mia-Francesca McAuslan / Loni Jeffs

Ghost Moose By Mia-Francesca McAuslan With artwork by Loni Jeffs i. Ghost moose are the only white-coated moose. They are covered in parasites. The ticks take so much blood that the creature’s starving body raids its bone marrow, muscles and heart for protein. They get […]

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Mike Day / Launa Winship

Tears for Fears of the Dark By Mike Day With artwork by Launa Winship When I am really anxious I become afraid of the dark again. Usually I am nocturnal, like an owl, or a bat, or an aardvark. I get to sleep around 4 […]

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Agatha Moar / Loni Jeffs

The Guest By Agatha Moar With artwork by Loni Jeffs There is a particular kind of self-loathing that accompanies a guest’s configuration of fleeting feelings. Inhabiting the home of someone else’s making; the bathroom basin screeches, turning on the light is with the snap of […]