Samantha Abdy is a writer who lives in Melbourne. Her work explores feminine psychology, becoming and the unsaid. You can read more of her work in Scum Magazine.

Sarah Jean Alexander is an American writer from Baltimore. She is the author of Wildlives (Big Lucks Books, 2015) and LOUD IDIOTS (Second Books, 2016) and has been featured in the Quietus, the Fader, Noisey, Dazed Digital, Lenny Letter and other places online and in print. She is the poetry editor of Shabby Doll House and tweets @sarahjeanalex.

Susie Anderson is a writer and multimedia artist based in Sydney, Australia. Her writing has been published in The Lifted Brow, Voiceworks, Shabby Doll House, New Wave Vomit, as well as other print and online publications. She has also performed widely at literary events and festivals in Australia and abroad. She has self published a chapbook of poems which is now available. You can find her at, @susie_and and

Manisha Anjali is a poet and short fiction writer based in Melbourne. She has been published in Flapperhouse, Seizure, Mascara Literary Review and Blackmail Press. She is the Opportunities & Events Editor at LEAP+, the Asia Pacific Writers & Translators magazine.

Daphné B. teaches romantic break up and magic in Montreal. She published her first collection of poetry Bluetiful (les Éditions de l’Écrou) in 2015, which will be adapted in Nuits Frauduleuses, (Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui: 2017). She is the coeditor of Filles Missiles, a francophone feminist blog. You can watch one of her video poems here: I Am a Girl.

Jessie Berry-Porter (25) is in her second year studying creative writing at RMIT. She writes non-fiction, poetry, non-fiction poetry.

Aaron Billings is a human beanbag who likes Project Runway and whole heartedly believes sprinkling chia seeds on any meal makes it healthy. He has been published in The Lifted Brow, Voiceworks, Canary Press and Going Down Swinging to mention a few impressive situations.

Millicent Bishop is a poet and fiction writer based in Melbourne. She is currently studying Creative Writing and working as a bookseller. Her work has appeared in Cordite Poetry Review.

Lech Blaine is twenty-four. He runs a motel in the northern/warm part of Australia and writes stories in his spare time/underwear. He’s been published by Scum, Seizure, Stilts, tNY Press, Tincture and Voiceworks. You can read more stories at his website:

Katherine Botten is an Australian-born interdisciplinary artist. Her practice covers visual artist, poetry, art writing, film, installation, sculpture, painting, music, performance, and drawing. Her works are primarily voiced in the first person, often blurring the distinction between artist and object of study, exploring the relationship between the construction and destabilization of identity, para-patriarchal expression, disability aesthetics, authenticity, resistance cultures, and female pain. She currently squats, @katherine1er, and

Tommy Camerno is an artist living in Berlin and London. He has recently exhibited in Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam and Zurich and is currently working on films and paintings as well as being involved in several curatorial projects. To view more of his work go to or vimeo.

Frances Cannon currently lives and works in Melbourne Australia. She has graduated her Bachelor of Fine Arts and is now embarking on her Honours year. Her work focusses largely on the female bodydrawing from everyday occurrences that affect women, whether bodily moments such as sex, masturbation, menstruation, or childbirth to more overarching human themes like joy and grief. You can find her at, and @frances_cannon.

Emily Carney lives in Connecticut. She has been published in Poetry Magazine, Rookie Mag, Hobart, The Quietus and Electric Cereal. Her debut poetry collection, Old & Young Porn, will be released by Electric Cereal in 2016.

Gianina Carter is a poet, editor and memoirist. She’s interested in place and space, and writes about disability, mainly. Her writing has appeared in ScumStilts, and The Suburban Review Online. She edits poetry at Voiceworks and participates in Express Media’s Toolkits: Poetry.

Marla Celeste is a visual artist currently based in China. Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Spook Magazine, and Catalyst Magazine. @marlacelesticle /

Kristin Chang lives in California. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in witch craft mag, Luna Luna mag, the Asian American Writers Workshop, fog machine, Rookie Magazine, and elsewhere. She is currently on the poetry staff of Winter Tangerine Review and is located at

Tahlia Chloe (20) was baptised by an ex-lover who didn’t want to sleep with a heathen. She is a writer and editor from Sydney.

Stella Clough has been painting and drawing in Sweden. She is now travelling the rest of the Northern Hemisphere collecting as many autumn leaves as she can.

Vivienne Cutbush is a Sydney-based writer, artist, list-maker and coffee-drinker. Her work blurs the line between writing and art. You can see her visual inventory at @antwerpenblog or read her words on Antwerpen.

Mike Day is a writer from Brisbane. He was the winner of the 2014 SLQ Young Writers Award and has been published in The Lifted Brow, Scum, Stilts, and Plaything Magazine.

Melbourne-based multidisciplinary artist Angel Doberman’s interests lie in ambiguity. Angel’s practice explores dissociation, subjectivity, dreaming, destiny and texting among awful crowds. He reads tarot and is a studied witch. Find him on Instagram: @hauntedinternetcafe.

Romy Durrant is a writer from Melbourne. Her work has appeared in The Lifted Brow, Voiceworks Magazine, Scum Mag, The Bohemyth, Shabby Doll House and Electric Cereal. You can find her at @miseryclit /

Zoe Dzunko is a writer from Melbourne. She is a doctoral student in Creative Writing at Deakin University and the author of four chapbooks, including SELFLESS (TAR, forthcoming 2016), All of the Men I Have Never Loved (Dancing Girl Press, 2014) and Bruise Factory (NAP, 2014). She is the Poetry Editor of The Lifted Brow and in 2014 founded Powder Keg Magazine, an online poetry quarterly, with Sarah Jean Grimm.

Micheal Elijah believes that all the subversive ideas in art lurk in comics, because they’re still disregarded as pulpy trash gutter-art for kids that nobody takes seriously, and that you can say a whole lot more when nobody powerful cares what you’re saying. He draws music posters and is in a band called ‘Thing.’ This is his first visual publication.

Sarah Goldfarb is a 23 year old writer living in New York City. By day  Sarah is a non-profit fundraising assistant but by night a poet/writer/wine overdrinker. Sarah recently had a poem published on

Penny Goring lives in London. She makes things at

Olivia Maria Hărşan is a freelance writer and Masters candidate at La Trobe University in Melbourne. She has written for a number of academic journals and publications including Screening the Past, Senses of Cinema and Screen Education. Most recently, Olivia presented at Gothic Migrations conference in Vancouver. She is head of PR & Publicity for The Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia and composes and manages the Triple R ad campaigns for the Melbourne Cinémathèque. She updates her thought processes on her blog

Josefina Huq is a writer and honours student. Her writing is concerned with place phenomena, nostalgia and its effects on creative writing.

Yuki Iwamastudying creative writing at RMIT, Melbourne because still at E L James level. Home base is short stories. Stepping into theatre with Mudfest 2015. Also, National Studio 2015 participant. Writing first full lengther: GOD HAS A YELLOW VAGINA. Very bad at titles, like E L James. Influences: Stephen King. David Lynch. Theatre of the Absurd. Intersectional feminism.
Check out the stuffs at

Marie-Audrey Jacques explored the relationship between identity and its representation on social media through collages and Photoshop montages. She lives in Montreal where she works as a stage designer.

Loni Jeffs is a writer and artist. See more work here.

Emma Jensen reads, writes and draws things. Follow @emmaleejensen.

Leo John is a visual artist born and raised in South London. He studied animation but found himself drawn back to the still image. His work takes inspiration from his travels, including city life and natural beauty. He likes to experiment, combining a range of different media in his pieces, creating an array of different looks and styles.You can see more on instagram.

Emma Marie Jones is a Melbourne-based poet, writer and editor. Her short fiction, poems and essays have appeared in SPOOKSeizureThe Lifted BrowMeanjin, and SCUM Mag, and in 2015 she was shortlisted for the Scribe Nonfiction Prize for Young Writers. She has a website, and tweets and grams at @emmacones.

Yasmin Keany is a practicing artist from Melbourne, currently living in Berlin. Her work is detailed and challenges the fine balance of abstract with the incorporation of the human form and nature.

Francesca Kritikos was born in Chicago. Her poetry has appeared on Metatron’s blog ÖMËGÄ and in issues of the Museum of Americana, Witch Craft Mag, Fur-Lined Ghettos, and more. She was also a finalist for the Nostrovia! Press 2016 Chapbook Contest. Her website is

Lora Li is an artist and poet from Scandinavia, living in New York City. Her poem collection is forthcoming from Codette LLC in the Fall. She can be found on @shad0w_paws, and

Eli Jack Lynch is a Creative Writing student at Concordia finishing their degree very soon. They have been published in Subversions: A Journal of Feminist Queries, The Void, Headlight Anthology and on Metatron’s OMËGA blog. They are part of the Spectra Journal collective. In their spare time, they are known for stealing clothing and Tweeting  (here) about being gay and/or sad and/or a poet.

Fanny Mac is an Australian freelance filmmaker and writer currently based in France. Her work is fixated by the fragility of logic.

Mia-Francesca McAuslan  is a writer of non-fiction, fiction and memoir. She has been published on Metatron’s ÖMËGÄ blog , in Alien Mouth and other various journals. You can find her @miafrancescamc.

Jeremy Mair is a writer and musician living in Melbourne, Australia, and is currently undertaking a Master of International Relations at the University of Melbourne. He has lived at various stages of his life in France and Germany, but both countries sent him back. Jeremy can be found at

Jini Maxwell writes and draws. She appears as @astroblob on Instagram, and as a charmander in the real world.

Tara McGowan-Ross is a 23 year-old philosophy and creative writing student living in Montréal. Tara is a queer, Mi’kmaq multidisciplinary artist and a professional caregiver. Tara’s debut collection of poetry, GIRTH, is forthcoming from Insomniac Press in autumn 2016.

Caitlin McGregor is a writer from Melbourne. She is a creative writing student at Melbourne University, and an intern at The Lifted Brow. Her work has appeared in both Australian and overseas publications, including The Lifted Brow, Scum Mag and The Bohemyth. You can find her on Twitter at@caitlinmcgregor.

Sophie McPike loves the exploration of lyrical/poetic type story telling in her art. Her work is an ambient aesthetic experience, calming but quizzical, deeply enjoyable, often with an emphasis on symmetry, or repetition and visual rhyming. It’s a careful stitching together of different elements to try to get across the sense of a moment in time or of a thought or feeling.

Agatha Moar enjoys writing non-fiction, fiction, and editing everything. Her play Fraser Island was recently performed for SNATCHES as part of the Melbourne Fringe festival. Her work can be found in The Suburban Review as well as in GORE Journal and Yowl! RMIT Creative Writing Anthology.

“Dylan Murphy is a writer and a filmmaker and a guy you’ve heard of now. You can see more of his work on YouTube.

Ashley Opheim is a Montreal-based writer, editor and publisher. She is the founder and managing editor of Metatron. Her work has been published in LESTE, Cosmonauts Avenue, Shabby Doll House, Electric Cereal, HTMLGIANT and elsewhere. She tweets @hologramrainbow.

Fawn Parker was born in Toronto and lives in Montreal. Her work has been published in Joyland Magazine,Cosmonauts Avenue, The Quietus, and elsewhere. Her collection Looking Good and Having a Good Time was published by Metatron in 2015. She is the managing editor of The Puritan.

Caroline Rayner is a poet from Virginia currently living in Western Massachusetts. She is assistant poetry editor for Cosmonauts Avenue as well as an editor for Slope Editions. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in H_NGM_N, Witch Craft Magazine, Shabby Doll House, Voicemail Poems, and Big Lucks.

Izzy Roberts-Orr is a writer, editor and radio producer based in Melbourne.
Her work has been published in The Lifted Brow: Digital, Feminartsy, Co:Respond, ATYP’s Out of Place Anthology and the RMIT Volta Creative Writing Anthology.
Her work has been performed in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Paris. She is currently producing work commissioned through the Melbourne Fringe Uncommon Places project, and was awarded a 2015 Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship. She tweets @izasmiz.

Yoshi is a 20-year old dog who predicts that you will never find what you want in someone else´s pocket. You can find more of her on

Vince Ruston (21) is a writer, and Voiceworks editor based in Melbourne, studying at RMIT. When away from the desk they can be found in a library or crying over lingerie in David Jones. They have been published in Voiceworks, Scum-Mag, Writers’ Bloc, Rabbit Poetry Journal, Zo Universal and Feminartsy. They are on Twitter and Instagram. You can find more of their writing here.

Claudia de Salvo is an emerging multidisciplinary artist and recent graduate of the Queensland College of Art. Her work explores notions of identity, belonging and place. You can find her on Instagram@claudia_desalvo_art.

Carabella Sands is a Baltimore born artist and writer.

Cason Sharpe lives in Montreal. He is one half of the podcast Two Hungry Children. Find him on Twitter here.

Mikaila Hanman Siegersma is an Australian essayist and poet who has written for Places, Mary Journal, GORE Journal and Emerging Writers’ Festival project 9 Slices. Mikaila thinks that kindness is really radical.

Vincent Silk is a writer and artist living in Melbourne. His work has been featured in in .dpi magazine, Seizure, the UTS Writers Anthology, Slit magazine, Archer and MIX NYC.

Calypso Spendlove is a Melbourne poet influenced by contemporary Australian poetry. Her work has been published in Rabbit Journal.

Erin Taylor is a Tulsan poet currently based out of Hangzhou, China. Her poetry has been featured in Reality Beach, Word’s Dance, Moloko House, Be About It, and more. She has a chapbook OOOO due out in April 2016 from Bottlecap Press. She is also a contributing writer at Eris Magazine. She is made of feelings & you can read more of her writing at

Rahel Tierbach was born in Rostock 6 days before the Berlin Wall came down. She has a heart, a brain, a child and a dog, lives in Berlin and does healing chants in a band – finally!
Tierbach follows The Dictatorship of Art }:)
Playing is the most radical thing you can do.You can find her work at tierbach.tumblr and on soundcloud

Rachelle Toarmino (b.1990) is from Buffalo, NY. She has been previously featured by Metatron and PressBoardPress, and you can find her on twitter @rchlltrmn. She lives in Spain.

Saaro Umar is a third-culture archivist and writer of poetry. Her work has featured in Woroni & Australian Poetry. You can find her at @saaroumarr. She is currently based in Canberra.

Hollen V has work published (byline Holly Pockets) in other places, favourites include Voiceworks and Antithesis. They tweet, bitterly @faceoddity.

Alan Weedon is a Melbourne-based photographer and writer. He’s keen on urbanism, architecture and other things explored across VICE, Aevoe, and The Quietus, among others. Alan does a few other things, which you can find at

Claire Wildish is a writer, artist and mother. She lived in the middle of the desert for five years. Now she makes art in the city.

Corrie Wilson is a Melbourne-based multidisciplinary artist working with anything she finds interesting, often found objects and material. Her work deals with the ideas of self-worth, empathy, witchcraft and escapism. You can find more of her work at

Launa Winship is a Melbourne-based artist and graphic designer.  Heavily influenced by pop culture, visual arts and fashion, she jumps between these mediums with the mission of combining them into one singular genre.

G.E. Young is a writer and designer from Melbourne.