Alien She Zine is an online publishing platform for women and non-binary artists and writers (but not exclusively). We publish non-fiction, flash fiction, poetry, art, and review.

We aim to be accessible and inclusive, and to publish content that is short, sharp, punchy and caters to an online readership.


We would like to acknowledge that the majority of the content in our magazine was created on stolen land. Thank you to Ronnie Scott for vouching for us as editors & writers and for this literary venture. We would like to thank The Lifted Brow, Catalyst Magazine and The Canary Press for taking us backstage to view the inner workings of a literary magazine. For showing us the energy, time and passion that goes into their publications and for passing on this fervour. We would like to thank all of our contributors for being vulnerable with us, and for giving us the chance to do justice to their creations. We would like to thank Marla Celeste, for being the best at everything art. We would like to thank our Intern, Miles Campisi, for having the highest meeting attendance rate out of all of us editors.

And we would like to thank our mothers, Toni Durrant, Michelle Murray, Cecilia Moar, Wendy Smith, Margaret Kesevan and Claire Williams for growing us, loving us and constantly finding their way into our work through an ethereal umbilical cord.


Managing Editor

Mia-Francesca McAuslan is writer of non-fiction and poetry. She has interned with The Lifted Brow and studied writing in Melbourne, Montreal and Paris. Her writing has been shortlisted for The Overland VU Short Story Prize, and longlisted for The Richell Prize by Hachette Australia via The Guardian. She is currently a resident writer at Brunswick SLSC. Catch her @miafrancescamc.

Content Editor

Romy Durrant is a writer of poetry, non-fiction and memoir. She tweets @miseryclit.

Creative Director

Loni Jeffs is a writer and artist from Melbourne. Her work can be found here.

Graphic Designer

Marla Celeste is a Linguistics graduate and visual artist specialising in photography and videography. She is of South Indian and Australian descent. Her work has been appeared in Rolling Stone, NME, Spook, Kaltblut and Catalyst Magazines. She has lived and worked in China, Portland Perú and Bolivia linguistics and is currently based in South America.
marlaceleste.com / instagram.com/ma.r.la


Miles Campisi is the head intern at Alien She Zine. They are also the bottom intern at Alien She Zine. They have hosted various readings in Melbourne’s North and currently work at Nicholas Projects, an independent not-for-profit project space. 

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